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Our mission is to help families by storing their babies’ cord blood.

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About Cord Blood Banking

Our highly trained medical professionals are constantly on the go and are actively taking part in most of the stem cell researches going on around the globe. Apart from that we have a support staff that is at your disposal 24/7 and is trained to work with physicians from all over the country.

Our Mission

“In the long-term we want to help develop and innovate the methods by which cord blood is being stored and preserved. We take part in countless stem cell researches and firmly believe that progress happens through cooperation.”

Cord Blood Banking CompanyIn the last decade stem cells have been a hot topic in the scientific community. Their healing potential along with all the rest of their regenerative qualities make them the perfect solution to countless current world problems. The main reason why those cells aren’t as popular as they need to be is because of the lack of media coverage on the topic. People in general aren’t familiar with this topic and many of them miss out on opportunities which can potentially make their lives so much better. At Cord Blood Banking today we have a mission to have the best storing facilities in this niche but we also want to spread the word and let people know what the true potential of cord blood cells is.

Before we dive into this vast topic, let us first tell you a few words about our time-tested company.

Tested Throughout The Years

In Cord Blood Banking Today we take pride in being one of the first companies to deal with stem cell storing. We started more than 10 years ago and have been the market leaders for most of this period. We constantly work to improve both our team and our facilities with the newest technologies.

What drives us forward is the fact that we are strong believers in stem cell potential and we know that newer and better ways of storing those cells can only speed up humanity’s pace towards a healthier world.

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Our Missions

In the short-term we try to help as many families as possible by storing their babies’ cord blood in our facilities. This will allow them to use if further down the road whenever they want. When it comes to stem cell transplants relatives have a 50% higher chance to match well with the donor. This is why after the baby’s stem cells are stored the whole family can benefit from that in the future in case something happens.

Bad things happen and we know this. We have numerous parts of our so called family (our company) that have had health issues which need a stem cell transplant. This is why we are constantly on standby to provide the best assistance to you and your family.

Furthermore, the more people store their baby’s stem cells, the wider range of HLA combinations we got in our banks. This means that once you are part of the Cord Blood Banking Today Family you will have a much higher match chance when in need of such therapy.

Our first priority has always been to understand the nature of stem cells. And through our understanding we can build a better process of extracting, processing, and storing them. We also pass our knowledge both to our new team members and to our customers.

The Stem Cell Analyzed

Stem Cell Therapies

Let’s talk about stem cells a bit more now. This is as we love to call it the “mother” of all cells. All our body’s tissues (organs, skin, muscles, nerve cells) derive from a single pluripotent stem cell. This means that stem cells are a more primitive cell that has the capacity of specializing itself and transforming itself into another cell type which can then serve a specific role in our body, such as contract (muscles), or produce hormones (adrenal glands), and so on. Apart from the quality of creating other cells, stem cells also multiply between themselves. This is fascinating because it indicates that a colony of cells (for example in the bone marrow) is self sufficient. It sustains its stem cell count by multiplying and it creates new cell lines in the same time.

They can be found in three general areas of the human body:

  • The Bone Marrow
  • The Blood
  • The Baby’s Umbilical Cord and The Placenta

All these 4 places have their own specific stem cell type and also have different roles. Another thing is, that not all of the stem cells are ideal for therapies, but we will explain this further down.

Now, since we already know where they can be found and we also know the countless medical conditions that can be treated with them, we just have to find a solid way of extracting and storing them, right? Well, not exactly. Even if extracted properly, the exact treatments for most diseases haven’t been pinpointed. For example, there are MS treatment trials with stem cells going on now and it works in the most severe stages of MS but doctors aren’t really sure why. This is exactly the reason why we need to invest both more time and money into such developments.

Nowadays, the means of storing cells have been figured out. In our facilities cord blood can stay in cryo conditions for decades. This basically ensures that once you sign up with us, you got us for life.

Even though we know where stem cells are, we are in the process of finding out what exactly their purposes are (because they are countless). Furthermore, there isn’t just one kind of cells – there are four. The more primitive a stem cell is (the less specialized) the higher its healing properties are. In other words, a primitive cell has a higher adaptation properties thus increasing its chances of pairing up with a damaged tissue and eventually repairing it. And well, as you can guess, cord blood stem cells are the most primitive ones out of the four kinds and this is why we specifically target them for our storing.

People who had their immune system compromised immediately feel better after a stem cell transplant. This is because the newly arrived stem cells quickly start doing their job at replacing the old system’s faulty parts and the body starts a brand new regenerative process. This is valid for any other tissue which has sustained trauma in our bodies. This is why most of the doctors today are focused on stem cell transplantation. It isn’t as simple as it sounds, though.

The transplantation process is a complex and often long process which includes numerous tests, waiting, and tons of patience. Depending on your HLA structure you might not be able to find a donor for a lot of time. This is why we focus on having a wide variety of cord blood in our banks so that we can find a good match for anyone out there. If the recipient does not match his donor’s stem cell HLA structure, GVHD (graft vs. host disease) can occur. This will lead to severe reactions in the recipient’s body worsening the recovery chances and often even resulting in death.

Once again, people who are blood relatives often have very high HLA compatibility and their chances of handling a stem cell transplant from one to another are great. If you store your own cord blood and use it years later, you will still be a hundred percent compatible with it. This is why storing your baby’s stem cells might prove beneficial in the future if that same kid needs therapy.

The Price Of A Worry-Free Life

We’d like to present stem cell storing as a long-term investment as people often think the prices are high. Sure it isn’t a cheap investment, but if you divide it by the years we will be storing your blood and think of all the potential disasters you can avoid, it is well worth it.

Even so, our prices are adequately picked to match our customer’s needs. Furthermore, at our price point there are zero competitors that offer even remotely close to our quality of service.

To see our price list, make an appointment with one of our specialists and we will get back to you shortly. We also have hours in which you can come in and discuss things in person.

Our Cord Blood Procedures

The whole process of extracting cord blood and then storing it actually consists of two main stages, all carefully controlled by our highly trained medical professionals. The two stages are:

  • Stage 1: Preparations
  • Stage 2: Transportation, Processing, And Storing


Stem Cells in Aging

Before the whole process even starts there is (as expected) tons of paperwork to go through and fill out. In the meeting you arrange with one of our team members you will go through most of it. We will give you a separate file that you can take home and carefully read with your partner. There, we’ve written down all the possible scenarios and what you get for your money. Before we even move on we have to mention that this whole procedure bears no risk for you and your baby.

When you give birth, a doctor will use one of the kits we send and extract the blood from the umbilical cord and put it in a container. In some cases we can send a technician to do that for you, but sometimes hospitals are far too remote for us to come in time. The whole volume of the cord blood contained in the placenta and umbilical cord is roughly 80 milliliters.

Transportation, Processing Steps, And Storage

After the blood is collected you call the number on the kit we’ve given you and a member of our team will come to collect the flask. Later on, it is transported under special conditions in one of our facilities.

There, we go through a few steps to separate the stem cells from the blood cells and the other blood elements. Ultimately, after the whole processing, we put the cells in cryo chambers. There, the cells can stay practically forever.

Now, we’ve said all there is to know about us and stem cells but what about what our clients have to say? Take a look:

Our Clients’ Testimonials

Cord Blood Banking Family

There aren’t many cord blood banks that offer help to everybody and not only their customers. We first called just to familiarize ourselves with the matter as a whole and the representative spent more than one hour to walk us through everything. Here we are now, years later having two of our babies’ cord blood stored away with Cord Blood Banking Today and we couldn’t be happier and healthier!

– The Robinson Family, Cervantes, WA

My wife was diagnosed with MS two years ago and the doctors said there weren’t a lot of therapies available for us. Luckily we found a clinical trial which involved stem cells. We knew very little of it, but we had our baby’s umbilical cord stored away when she was born. My wife was almost a 100% match and now she shows steady progress. Can’t thank these guys enough!

– Daniel S. Conley, Melbourne, VIC

I was pregnant when my friend told me about this whole storing my baby’s blood away thing and I couldn’t have been more sceptical. I thought it was a scam, although I started reading on it. A few days later I gave CBB Today a call and the woman physician there arranged a meeting with me and we spent a whole afternoon discussing it. A few months later when I gave birth I called their technicians who came and quickly gathered the cord blood. Next thing i knew is that everything was okay and we now have our own stem cells stored for future needs. Needless to say my days have been worry-free since then and the price I am paying seems like nothing compared to the potential benefit of having your own stack of stem cells ready to go.

– Joy Ratfield, New York, NY

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